Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Feeling Low and Unhealthy: Visit Shailja Trivedi – Avenue for Diet, Yoga and Meditation

Do you remember when you ate that calorie filled mouthwatering aloo paratha that you once relished? Do you remember your grandmother spending hours in the kitchen to bring out that taste and aroma that palpitated your mouth and stomach? You ate the calories without feeling stressed or guilty. You were lean, healthy and happy. Does diet have anything to do with happiness?
Don’t you think that life has become so busy that you don’t have time to plan the most important aspect of your daily routine that is diet? Healthy and nutritious diet has proved to be beneficial for maintaining a good physical as well as mental health of a person. But again it is not possible to standardize the nutritional requirements of an individual. The diet plan may vary from person to person and also from one job profile to another.
Visit Shailja Trivedi center for diet, yoga and meditation and you will find yourself exposed to a whole new set of solutions for leading a healthy life. Shailja Trivedi Center with its expert panel of dietitians aims to provide the holistic diet plans that will take care of all your nutritional requirements. We also consider clinical attributes like allergy, blood pressure, skin anomaly and other disorders before planning the diet. All the more important at Shailja Trivedi, we amalgamate your diet plan with daily doses of yoga and meditation.

Have you ever thought of the benefits of eating a healthy diet and following a regime of yoga and meditation? I know most of us know but just to relish the memories here is a slight brush up. By exercising regularly and making smart food choices:
  • You can look younger and feel better.
  • You can maintain a healthy heart inside a healthy body that is capable of combating diseases.
  • You get a sense of well being and develop love for our own self.
  • You will learn to appreciate yourself which can make you motivated resulting in better results at work place and a still better social life.
  • A healthy diet with regular yoga and meditation will control your weight and make you still smarter in this smart world.
  • Yoga, meditation combined with right diet has a positive effect in elevating our mood and it boosts up our energy. It has a magical effect in curing depressions and sudden mood elevations resulting in better performance at the work place.
  • Leading a healthier lifestyle brings with it a foray of long term results. You can stay healthy and young for years to come and in this era where there is no age for retirement you can perform and function to your satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? Time and tide wait for none. Take a break and visit Shailja Trivedi Center for planning your diet along with a daily plan for yoga and meditation. There’s no denying in the fact that you are bound to observe good results within a few weeks of practicing it. Life will change and you will find yourself in a whole new world of managing time and work in a healthy way.

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  1. Suffering from feeling of unhealthy is so uncomfortable. I am not able to focus on my work. My diet is also not good, I think I need recommendation and now I got it from whom I can get this recommendation. Thank you for posting such a helpful post. It is really good to read health tips and implementing them. Thank you!