Saturday, 18 July 2015

Yoga Can Bring Miracle To Your Life!

Yoga is an art to calm down your senses, to provide peace to your mind and to keep you healthy for long. In today’s scenario, people are falling instant prey to depression due to a stressful and fast life. If you feel sad, lonely and unhappy and you have bouts of anger and anxiety, then you might be suffering from depression. This is an alarm for depression, and you need to get it corrected right away!

Yoga makes a connection between mind, body and soul. With amazing breathing exercises, yoga poses and meditation, depression can be treated. Daily yoga helps in relaxing your mind and keeps you relaxed in everyday life. With the help of Prayanamas and breathing techniques helps in stress to move out of your life and it will fill your life with new positive energy.
Live in the present moment, so that negative thoughts will keep a distance from you leaving you healthy and happy. Take up yoga classes to understand the importance of each asana and its impact on your body. Mrs. Shalija Trivedi in Bhopal runs her yoga classes in Bhopal, and she provides various ways for people to keep their mind and body happy and healthy.
Mrs. Trivedi also provides diet plans to keep the body fit and healthy. This will make you aware what is the right diet for your body thereby providing essential nutrients to your body. This also helps in curing depression and anxiety.
First of all, you have to create a positive thought process. You have to be in a state where you would be able to fight any adverse situation with ease. Give way to positive thoughts whenever you feel that negative thoughts are coming your way make a switch over to positive and happy thoughts. Think of happy things and see the effect of yoga in curing your depression by turning you into a positive person.
Yoga and Pranayama plays an important role in treating depression. It brings stability, improves blood circulation and brings peace to the mind. Apart from Pranayama yoga poses like Sarvanga asana and Shava asana are helpful in elimination depression and stress from the mind and body. Laugh a lot and stay with positive people. Stay busy with something or other work, start reading a book of your choice to keep yourself engaged. Say yes to the wonder drug yoga, say yes to a happy life!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Perform Yoga Daily To Overcome Depression Naturally

Depression is defined as a mental disorder that strikes thousands of people irrespective of their nationality, race, gender or sex; doctors feel, however that women may be more prone to it than men. You may be wondering what the role of yoga to cure depression is. Let us see this step by step.

Symptoms of Depression
  • Low energy, lethargy, and feeling sleepy during the day
  • Lack of interest in surroundings and work
  • Irritability and persistent sadness
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Low levels of motivation
  • Lack of sleep or too much sleep
  • Lack of appetite or overeating
  • Feelings of guilt, remorse, and low self-esteem
  • Frequent suicidal thoughts, and thoughts of death
  • Reckless behavior
There is no one specific cause for depression; it varies from individual to individual. Given below are the common reasons. However, some people may get depressed for no apparent reason too.
  • Major upheaval in life – financial loss, loss of a loved one, loss of job, birth of a child or even menopause
  • Being a victim of crime
  • A major illness, accident, and surgery
  • Failed relationship
  • Neglect in Childhood
  • Frequent teasing or bullying by peers and family
If you find yourself or anyone you love showing any of the mentioned symptoms, you must understand that person has depression. So, how can you use Yoga to cure depression in such people?
The ancient sages and ascetics of India performed Yoga regularly, to have a healthy body as well as the mind. This age-old technique of breath control and postures improves flexibility, strengthens your muscles, calms your nerves and helps you gain confidence. So you can start a regimen of yoga daily to overcome depression naturally and without any medication or side effects.
Unlike exercising at the gym, yoga is unhurried and gentle; this in itself is relaxing. You can feel the stress melt away from your body as you stretch and move slowly from one asana to the next.
Mrs. Shailja Trivedi, an expert nutritionist, and proficient Yoga instructor will guide you expertly in yoga to overcome depression, whether it’s for you or a loved one. Her expertise and renown bring in celebrity clients by the droves. At her yoga and meditation center in Bhopal, she and her well-trained assistants will show you how you can practice yoga to cure depression when you do it regularly and properly. Hundreds of people who have attended her sessions have stated how much their lives improved after daily practice of yoga and meditation and following her diet advice.
To know more about Shailja Trivedi and Yoga to overcome depression, please see:

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Choosing The Right Yoga Expert: A Task Made Easy

Finding a great Yoga teacher for yourself can be as daunting a task as finding the right school for your kid where he can get the desired attention and the right education so that he can pass out with flying colors. Likewise, for your health needs you need to have someone you can trust upon for the right guidance and dietary needs to supplement good heath - mental, physical and spiritual.
If I were to choose the best yoga expert for myself, here are the things I would consider:

How happy and blissful are they in their personal life?

This is one of the best ways to define a Yoga expert. A general overall happiness of a yoga teacher plays an important role to judge if he/she is the right person to be your yoga teacher. The task of finding the best yoga teacher becomes easy when you are dedicated and keep your spiritual eyes and ears open. When you as a student will stay devoted to the path of revitalization, a spiritual mentor would be somewhere nearby.

Interact with their past students to know their experience

Spiritual leaders who boast about themselves are too many to mention. But, they are just not the right people to seek guidance and support. Instead, interact with the students who have actually been benefiting from a yoga expert. Hear them out for their real time experience with the expert. Seek their advice to select the best yoga practitioner for yourself. If you feel your problems can be sorted out here, go for it.
Quite obvious, every individual undergoes unique circumstances in life and is busy struggling with his own set of problems. In the midst of all troubles, tensions and stress, all we need is someone who can closely relate to our problems and help us overcome them with the right knowledge, guidance and support. A real yoga teacher is one who is full of life and real experience in teaching. Real time practice results in direct experience which is by far a source of authentic knowledge.

While some yogi’s or yoga experts have good knowledge about postures and right alignments, some have a good command altogether. But, a very few experts lay stress on both correct postures and practicing the right asans so as to benefit you in real time. Shailja Trivedi is a well-known fitness and yoga expert in Bhopal. Unlike other yoga and meditation experts, she offers a complete fitness package to customers that include conducting Yoga and meditation classes as well as understanding the dietary requirements of her customers. Being a skilled ddietitian she is also able to comprehend the best dietary needs of your body. When it comes to yoga in Bhopal, Shailja Trivedi is the name.

Although there are a myriad yoga centers in Bhopal, Shailja Trivedi is known and preferred over other yoga guru’s owing to her immense knowledge and real-time approach in teaching yoga. She lays special focus on practicing yoga and meditation together to achieve desired results. Her personal attention to each student and dietary counselling go a long way in classifying her as one of the best yoga experts in Bhopal. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Feeling Low and Unhealthy: Visit Shailja Trivedi – Avenue for Diet, Yoga and Meditation

Do you remember when you ate that calorie filled mouthwatering aloo paratha that you once relished? Do you remember your grandmother spending hours in the kitchen to bring out that taste and aroma that palpitated your mouth and stomach? You ate the calories without feeling stressed or guilty. You were lean, healthy and happy. Does diet have anything to do with happiness?
Don’t you think that life has become so busy that you don’t have time to plan the most important aspect of your daily routine that is diet? Healthy and nutritious diet has proved to be beneficial for maintaining a good physical as well as mental health of a person. But again it is not possible to standardize the nutritional requirements of an individual. The diet plan may vary from person to person and also from one job profile to another.
Visit Shailja Trivedi center for diet, yoga and meditation and you will find yourself exposed to a whole new set of solutions for leading a healthy life. Shailja Trivedi Center with its expert panel of dietitians aims to provide the holistic diet plans that will take care of all your nutritional requirements. We also consider clinical attributes like allergy, blood pressure, skin anomaly and other disorders before planning the diet. All the more important at Shailja Trivedi, we amalgamate your diet plan with daily doses of yoga and meditation.

Have you ever thought of the benefits of eating a healthy diet and following a regime of yoga and meditation? I know most of us know but just to relish the memories here is a slight brush up. By exercising regularly and making smart food choices:
  • You can look younger and feel better.
  • You can maintain a healthy heart inside a healthy body that is capable of combating diseases.
  • You get a sense of well being and develop love for our own self.
  • You will learn to appreciate yourself which can make you motivated resulting in better results at work place and a still better social life.
  • A healthy diet with regular yoga and meditation will control your weight and make you still smarter in this smart world.
  • Yoga, meditation combined with right diet has a positive effect in elevating our mood and it boosts up our energy. It has a magical effect in curing depressions and sudden mood elevations resulting in better performance at the work place.
  • Leading a healthier lifestyle brings with it a foray of long term results. You can stay healthy and young for years to come and in this era where there is no age for retirement you can perform and function to your satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? Time and tide wait for none. Take a break and visit Shailja Trivedi Center for planning your diet along with a daily plan for yoga and meditation. There’s no denying in the fact that you are bound to observe good results within a few weeks of practicing it. Life will change and you will find yourself in a whole new world of managing time and work in a healthy way.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Explore The Dietary Needs of Your Body With Shailja Trivedi

Much to the surprise of a common man, he is running after achieving what is not his while unknowingly he is losing what already he is bestowed with. Yes, I am talking about the deteriorating physical health while accumulating material wealth in humans. About three-fourth of the world’s population has a 9 to 5 sitting job and they hardly realize the side-effects of sitting upright on an arm chair for a prolonged period of time until when they start having backaches, pain in legs or other physical ailments. Good dietary habits go a long way in keeping them healthy and environmentally safe.
Staying green is a top-priority quest for those who consider environmental safe living seriously. Staying green does not necessarily mean eating food cooked at home. It’s not easier said than done but goes easier when you really wish to accomplish your goals. Much credit goes to the growing consciousness about the significance of environmental factors and the exponentially growing demand of customers seeking more environmental friendly and green dietary options. A myriad of salad food chains have opened up with branches all across the world which serve tasty fresh salads and soups to replace oily and unhealthy fast food options for your lunch.
Dietetics is the appliance of proper nutritional know-how specifically designed to meet individual needs. The significance of having nutritious food has been realized by a huge chunk of population these days more so because of the increasing number of diseases in both developed and developing nations. These days, mental and physical well being of all humans is considered to be of prime importance. Several public health institutes have also realized the importance of good dietary intake and hence have been actively participating in applying their knowledge to offer people a disease and stress free life.
There is no denying in the fact that a balanced diet is what keeps the mind, body and physical state of a person healthy. When a body lacks essential nutrients for its growth and development, the effects can be precarious in the long run. It’s usually during the 40’s that people start experiencing physical problems and often wish to seek help from a medical practitioner or a dietitian. Shailja Trivedi is one of the most skilled meditation specialists and dietitian in Bhopal, India. She is adept in suggesting good dietary needs for your body depending on your age, body weight, height and other related measurements. Besides, being a meditation expert, she also helps people achieve inner serenity, calmness and peace of mind. She conducts sessions in Bhopal to relieve people from stress management, depression, anxiety, several chronic diseases and much more through Yoga, Meditation and perfect diet chart under a single roof.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Connecting with Women!

The women have always been the epitome of selfless love and care. When you look at yourself, you witness your mother taking care of you even when you are an adult, then there is your spouse who not only takes care of you, her job but also the little one, and not a frown. Amazing isn't it! And how can you forget your sibling sister who has taken care of you even when you were elder to her. It is wonderful how the woman never ceases to show their affection, live selflessly and only believe in giving. But does that mean they do not require anything? In fact, they are the ones who need more love, more care and more pampering for being the most wonderful creature in the world.
And for all you women out there, why wait for others to pamper you, you can take care of yourself. And you should start keeping you and your health on an equal importance scale. There are some little but important things that you can do to keep your spirits high-
  • Never compare- you might not be the most beautiful women in the world, you might not be the most successful in your job, you might even not have all the success in your job. But you may be having a loving spouse or wonderful kids, or the sweetest voice, or the most wonderful cooking hand. So get over with you complex and rejoice in your identity.
  • Eat well- if you are one of those women who eat whatever they can grab and leave, lady you are truly marring your health. There is nothing more important than a healthy and balanced diet for women. It gives you all the reasons to be healthy and thus happy.
  • Exercise- exercise and meditation are the best ways to distress you and maintain good body physique. Exercising not just makes you fit it also helps you to enhance your activity. And there is no better nutrition for your mental health than meditation.
  • Pamper yourself- indeed why to wait for others to surprise you or give gifts. You can gift a dress for yourself or a dinner. You can also enjoy some me time at a spa or spend good time at the spiritual retreat. Or you can take a subscription of a yearly magazine or start learning some new art. If you want to there are many numbers of ways to cater to your happiness.
If you are looking to Yoga and meditation classes in Bhopal, India, you must visit Shailja Trivedi's website. Here, you will get the tips and ways to keep your body fit.