Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Choosing The Right Yoga Expert: A Task Made Easy

Finding a great Yoga teacher for yourself can be as daunting a task as finding the right school for your kid where he can get the desired attention and the right education so that he can pass out with flying colors. Likewise, for your health needs you need to have someone you can trust upon for the right guidance and dietary needs to supplement good heath - mental, physical and spiritual.
If I were to choose the best yoga expert for myself, here are the things I would consider:

How happy and blissful are they in their personal life?

This is one of the best ways to define a Yoga expert. A general overall happiness of a yoga teacher plays an important role to judge if he/she is the right person to be your yoga teacher. The task of finding the best yoga teacher becomes easy when you are dedicated and keep your spiritual eyes and ears open. When you as a student will stay devoted to the path of revitalization, a spiritual mentor would be somewhere nearby.

Interact with their past students to know their experience

Spiritual leaders who boast about themselves are too many to mention. But, they are just not the right people to seek guidance and support. Instead, interact with the students who have actually been benefiting from a yoga expert. Hear them out for their real time experience with the expert. Seek their advice to select the best yoga practitioner for yourself. If you feel your problems can be sorted out here, go for it.
Quite obvious, every individual undergoes unique circumstances in life and is busy struggling with his own set of problems. In the midst of all troubles, tensions and stress, all we need is someone who can closely relate to our problems and help us overcome them with the right knowledge, guidance and support. A real yoga teacher is one who is full of life and real experience in teaching. Real time practice results in direct experience which is by far a source of authentic knowledge.

While some yogi’s or yoga experts have good knowledge about postures and right alignments, some have a good command altogether. But, a very few experts lay stress on both correct postures and practicing the right asans so as to benefit you in real time. Shailja Trivedi is a well-known fitness and yoga expert in Bhopal. Unlike other yoga and meditation experts, she offers a complete fitness package to customers that include conducting Yoga and meditation classes as well as understanding the dietary requirements of her customers. Being a skilled ddietitian she is also able to comprehend the best dietary needs of your body. When it comes to yoga in Bhopal, Shailja Trivedi is the name.

Although there are a myriad yoga centers in Bhopal, Shailja Trivedi is known and preferred over other yoga guru’s owing to her immense knowledge and real-time approach in teaching yoga. She lays special focus on practicing yoga and meditation together to achieve desired results. Her personal attention to each student and dietary counselling go a long way in classifying her as one of the best yoga experts in Bhopal. 

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  1. I appreciate the things that you have mentioned in your post. It really works for me to choose right yoga teacher. Thank you so much!